Armored Sound

Bangin' Since 2009

If there was one word to describe Tokyo Chan of Armored Sound, it would be Tenacious. As a child he knew his destiny would lead him to music and every detour, every sidestep that life threw, he found his way back to the music. 

”My father tells me all the time that I always had an ear for music. He said I could dissect a song quickly, and with no problem. And I still do.” As soon as he could, he saved for a keyboard and a drum machine and began making beats around the clock. Tokyo Chan puts the emphasis on recording great songs and bringing out the unique qualities in each artist he produces. He has established a reputation for hard work, integrity, and commitment in his career as a Music Producer when he started his company, Armored Sound Productions in 2009.
“People would always say my drums hit hard, so I related my sound to an Armored Truck”. (hence Armored Sound)
With the addition of multi-talented Producers Spradley (Producer/Artist), and Omega P, (Producer) Armored Sound is a well developed team, that’s ready to shock the Music Industry.